Our police are not protecting and serving anymore

Dear Mr. Trump,

Congratulations on winning the 2016 election. It was a long battle between you and Mrs. Clinton. For the next four years you will be the President of the United States of America. As you serve, here is one thing to think about: inexperienced police. Recently in our country we have had many occasions where police have had either a short temper or jumped to conclusions much too early, and shot dead many citizens. This is completely unacceptable.

I believe these police are inexperienced and need better training. This training would be a test on the process of what a policeman or woman would do in order to make sure that no one is harmed. Our police are not protecting and serving anymore. They’re scaring and overpowering. If we would just bring attention to this problem, we could direct our attention to other issues, such as rapid extinction of international species, climate change, terrorist threats, and poverty around the world. I believe we need to bring more attention to these police as a first priority. I do realize that all police are attempting to do their absolute best, and most do respect all people, but it’s those who don’t that we need to talk to.

It has officially happened. You have officially won. Now it’s your turn to lead America. You, yes you, can make history by changing the environment and creating a safer community with more intelligent police. Please think about it.


Carl Wagner, Grade 6, Westtown School

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