New Year’s top five: The most popular articles of 2015

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#5 Baltimore, the Time Is Now

Sarah Bur gave us a dramatic first-hand account from Baltimore following the death of Freddie Gray in police custody. Originally published online on May 6 and reprinted in our June/July 2015 print issue.

Friends gather for weekly peace vigil in front of Homewood Meeting in Baltimore, Md.

Baltimore, the Time Is Now
I put down my window and called to the woman, ‚ÄúGet in the car.‚ÄĚ I unlocked the doors, and she ran to the car and got in behind me. Before I could lock the doors, one teenager wearing a black hood with a face mask opened the other back door and leapt inside the car. He was so young. His eyes met mine.

#4 Reflections on Selma

In February national attention focused on the 1965 events in Selma, Alabama. Associate editor Gail Whiffen Coyle dove into the Friends Journal archives to see how we reported the story in real time. Published online on February 18.


Reflections on Selma
2015 marks the 50th anniversary of the Selma to Montgomery voting rights marches‚ÄĒevents that are depicted in the recent film Selma (in theaters now). We wondered what Quakers were saying during that turbulent time in the mid-1960s, so I searched the Friends Journal archives.

#3 What Quakers and Catholics Might Learn from One Another

Our May issue featured accounts of Friends who found inspiration by crossing spiritual paths. John Pitts Corry shared his unique mix of Catholic and Quaker practice.


What Quakers and Catholics Might Learn from One Another
Mentioning Jesus brings us to the third thing Quakers might learn from Catholicism, which is that worship is not only a time of personal meditation and reflection but also a communal sacred event. Many Quakers, but perhaps not enough, experience Quaker worship as I did when a child as a gathered meeting.

#2 Realizing Wholeness: Reflections from a Gay Palestinian Quaker

Our October issue on “Faithful Living” featured¬†Sa’ed Atshan, a Palestinian¬†academic introduced to Friends during his study at the Ramallah Friends School, who had just returned from his first FGC Gathering.

Realizing Wholeness: Reflections from a Gay Palestinian Quaker
Realizing wholeness is also a challenge when we are broken. It is not always possible to find the words to describe the pain we carry. While at Gathering, we commemorated the one-year anniversary of Israel’s war in the Gaza Strip last summer, which took the lives of over 70 Israelis (65 of whom were soldiers) and 2,200 Palestinians (the vast majority of whom were civilians).

#1 Beyond Goodness Sex

Reactions are mixed on whether Su Penn’s review of a new book on sexuality was an impassioned plea to give more attention to vulnerable gender-nonconforming students or an unfair critique of a progressive educator.


Beyond Goodness Sex
Six people live in our house: me; my partner of two decades; our three children; and our housemate, a student at the college down the street. At least three of us identify as queer. At least three of us are transgender or gender-nonconforming. At least one of us has attempted suicide; at least one other has seriously contemplated it. All of us have been disowned by close family for reasons having to do with sexuality and gender expression.

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