New Year’s Top Five

The Most Popular Articles of 2019

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#5 Selling Out to Niceness

Ann Jerome warns of the limitations and pitfalls of Quaker niceness, from the September issue.

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#4 Building White Racial Stamina

From the January issue on racial diversity, Liz Oppenheimer’s confessions, learnings, and advices for building direct and authentic cross‚Äźracial experiences.

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#3 A Quaker School’s Response to Allegations of Sexual Abuse

Friends Journal news editor Erik Hanson reported on the hard work, healing, and fresh tragedies of a Quaker school confronting past institutional abuses. From the September issue.

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#2 We Are Not John Woolman

Gabbreell James reminds us that our pantheon of Quaker heroes were not universally popular with Friends of their day and asks if we ourselves are on the right side of history?

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#1 Slavery in the Quaker World

The most read article on, Katharine Gerbner’s deep dive into the often-forgotten period of Quaker slave-owning in the Americas.

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Honorable Mentions

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