New Year’s top five: The most popular articles of 2017

We’ve been sharing our most-read articles of 2017 on Facebook and Twitter. Here is the full list.

#5 Mystical Experience, the Bedrock of Quaker Faith.

Robert Atchley’s look at the mystical side of Quaker faith from our February issue.

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#4 Weeping to Joy.

From our August issue on the “Art of Dying and the Afterlife,” Betsy Blake’s moving story of dealing with the death of her younger sister at age 17.

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#3: A Mysticism for Our Time

L. Roger Owens finds a renewed relevance for the twentieth-century Quaker Thomas Kelly’s efforts to balance activism and mysticism.

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#2: It Breaks My Heart

2017 confirmed that Friends have entered a new era of schism and realignment. In our June/July issue on “Reimagining the Quaker Ecosystem,” Kate Pruitt shares the heartbreak of losing a spiritual community to polarized divisions.

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#1: A Quaker Approach to Living with Dying

Katherine Jaramillo’s explored Quaker approaches to declining health, dying, and death in our August issue on “Death and Dying.”

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Photos top to bottom: © Mopic; courtesy of the author Betsy Blake; courtesy of Quaker and Special Collections, Haverford College, Haverford, Pa.;  Flickr/revdave; Martin Kelley.

Honorable Mentions

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This article originally appeared online on Dec. 31, 2017.

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