Climate Change and Sports

Sports play a big role in my life and will continue to throughout my lifetime. They help to keep me healthy. Sports can have positive effects on people. Sports can help spread awareness about issues like climate change, police brutality, and racism. Because they can reach a wide audience, famous athletes can spread awareness about issues by talking about them. Many athletes care about climate change. Climate change is happening all around the world. It is caused by the heating up of the atmosphere. The atmosphere heats up from high levels of carbon dioxide that come from burning fossil fuels. The carbon dioxide traps the heat from the sun. Because it is hotter, the weather varies more and gets worse. There are more weather events like tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, snowstorms, and droughts. These weather events affect everything, even sports. Sports activities can also contribute to climate change.

There are lots of ways that sports contribute to climate change. A lot of fossil fuels are burned and carbon dioxide is released because of sports activities. For example, football games are played in big arenas that use lots of energy from fossil fuels. Also, many people drive their cars to football games and other sports events, which adds more carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. Teams fly to different cities in jets, which release a lot of carbon dioxide. Making equipment also takes a lot of energy, which releases carbon dioxide. The problems with sports and climate change happen at all levels including youth, high school, college, and professional sports. I still want to continue playing sports, even though it could have a negative impact on the climate

Climate change can have a negative effect on sports. Extreme weather can cancel sporting events if they are held outdoors. Hurricanes and tornadoes can damage areas and playing fields. Floods and hurricanes can damage golf courses. Drought and high temperatures can make it difficult to practice and play outdoors. When it is really hot or cold, fans are less likely to go to the games. This can impact me because I could not go to games or watch them. I would not like games to be canceled.

With all the problems that sports have with climate change, it is hard to figure out what to do. Should we just stop playing sports altogether? Should we stop being fans who go to games? We need to find ways to reduce the burning of fossil fuels and decrease carbon dioxide emissions. It is really important that we are all active in using clean energy and reducing fossil fuel emissions. We all want sporting events to continue because they are important to the economy. This is important to me because I play sports a lot and will continue to. I will not act on this, but I think that teams should drive more and not fly as much to games.

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