You should know that even though you are the president, you aren’t more important than other people

Dear President Trump,

I am a Quaker, and I think you should know that Quakers believe everyone is equal. People can be a different gender, age, race, or religion, but we are still people. I go to a Quaker school so this concept isn’t new to me. George Fox was the founder of Quakers and a very important person in history. In England in the 1600s, Fox and other Quakers refused to the tip their hats or bow to the king because they said no one is better than someone else. Right now you might be thinking this is an interesting fact, but I know you are definitely thinking, “How does this apply to me?” As the new president of the United States of America, you should know that even though you are the president, you aren’t more important than other people. You should also accept how everyone thinks, even the people who don’t exactly have tenderness toward you.

Quakers believe that there is good and evil inside all human beings, and each human being can choose between them. Everyone has the power to choose good over evil if they really want to. So, as the president, you should be a good role model and choose good.

Refugees are people! Both of my parents came from Iran at around my age, and they are both very successful today. My dad became a dentist, and my mom became a doctor. Today my mom works in the government in anti-drugs. Many other people were immigrants or refugees but came to the USA and did good things, so you shouldn’t ban some people from coming to the USA. Quakers believe in everyone deserving a chance because we are all equal and no one should have more than another person. I trust you will help this country and keep your promise to “Make America great again!”

A million smiles,

Sarah, Grade 6, Sidwell Friends School

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