Every person deserves a chance and the right to have that chance

Dear Mr. Trump,

The America I envision is an America where all people are treated equally. It is an America where no matter how you look or how you identify, you will be accepted. It is an America that is respected and valued as a country. I am afraid that the America you want to create is not the country that the American people want. For centuries, people have fought for their rights, and now more than ever, we need a president that will provide rights and equality for every group. I am worried that all of the progress we have made will come plummeting back on us. But I believe that you can change this. From your campaign, many hate groups have popped up, and the country is scared for the future. If you and your staff change your views about groups of people like Muslims and women and the LGBTQ community, we can move closer to having a world where all people are treated equally and with respect. All of these groups make up an important part of America, and we need to fight for their rights, not ignore them and their needs. Every person deserves a chance and the right to have that chance. Entire groups should not be judged by the horrible actions of a few.

Sincerely, your fellow American,

Kyle Witter, Grade 6, Westtown School

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