Our Top Five Articles for 2021

For the past nine years we’ve been compiling our most-read online articles every December. This week we’ve been sharing 2021’s top five on Facebook and Twitter.

5. A Quaker Call to Abolition and Creation

An examination of the myths of White Friends , Lucy Duncan urges us to finish the work of abolition.

4. Pistachios and Cats

In November, Friends Journal devoted a whole issue to speculative fiction and sci-fi. In the first story, Lynn Gazis imagines a world in which the First World War ended differently and the future of the League of Nations depended on the ability of a Quaker-run cafe to bring world delegates together.

3. When Quakers Were the Karens

For our January issue on race and antiracism, historian Elizabeth Cazden looks back to a time when Rhode Island Quakers were lobbying for laws to police the behavior of African Americans.

2. The Mystical Experience

Donald W. McCormick wonders why Friends talking about mysticism are often met with indifference.

1. Are There White People in the Bible?

British Friend Tim Gee corrects popular perceptions to show us the rich racial diversity of the early Christian movement for our January issue, with a title that’s become one of our most frequent Google referrals.

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